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shake it out // a mix for when you wanna punch the walls and kick the house down and drive all night until you reach the stars or the sea, whichever comes first. they plead to you, don’t run away, but you’re already gone, gone, gone. shake it out, kid. it’s gonna be alright. 

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Alligator//Grizzly Bear

you are my alligator

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"Carrie and I are more romantic than any other romantic relationship I’ve ever had—that sense of anticipation about seeing the other person, the secret bond. But things don’t become obligatory. I’m not thinking, I’m doing this because you’re my girlfriend; I’m just thinking, I love Carrie." - Fred Armisen

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This boy will be famous. There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name.

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“Ma’am,” Augustus said, nodding toward her, “your daughter’s car has just been deservedly egged by a blind man. Please close the door and go back inside or we’ll be forced to call the police.”

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oh hey seems like a nice post  i guess ill reblo-



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It's good.

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